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Internship Opportunities

Reicks View Farms offers four summer internship opportunities each year, in their sow farms and finisher and nursery production units. Interns will join a production team in ensuring that safe, quality pork is raised while gaining an understanding for how Reicks View Farms operates daily.
Interns will gain hands-on experience in the production facilities, while performing a variety of other tasks. Our interns are responsible for managing, overseeing, and collecting data for many trials under the direction of consultant veterinarian, sow unit oversight, and senior production manager.

Typical experience and trials include, but are not limited to:
o   Farrowing and breeding processes
o   Nursery and grow-finish operation processes
o   Farm maintenance and barn care
o   Professional development of intern
o   Teamwork and management skills
o   Ability to oversee processes/trials and see results firsthand
o   Make positive improvements based on results of trials

If you are interested in any internship opportunities Reicks View Farms has to offer, and see yourself as a good fit, please contact Ryan at 641-364-7843 ext. 205 for current Internship opportunities or apply online here.


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