since 1977

Crop Production

Reicks View Farms row crop production system farms acres in Northeast Iowa and Southern Minnesota, primarily focused on a corn-on corn rotation.  The Crop production system depends on the nutrients from the hog farms to fertilize approximately 50% of the acres it farms.  The ability to fertilize the farms with the sustainable source of fertilizer has provided many benefits to Reicks View, local communities, and the environment.  Reicks View benefits from the nutrient value made available to the corn plant that has proven to be better for the soil than commercial fertilizers.  The crew that it takes to pump this manure has provided jobs to many hard working local people that enjoy farming.  The manure is also pumped with a state of the art injection system that injects the manure 8 inches below the surface of the ground to control runoff and be very environmentally friendly.  This model for crop farming is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and economically attractive.   Reicks View also incorporates cover crops to the rotation when possible and is a regianl dealer for cover crop seed.

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