since 1977

Pork Production

Reicks View Farms was established in 1979 near Lawler, IA.  The production system has grown over the years to include sow units, boar stud, nursery system, and finishing system.  The majority of production is in Northeast Iowa from Interstate 35 east to the Mississippi River, with most of the production north of Hwy 3.  Reicks View Farms has always had a high emphasis on health and has made that the primary focus in every sector of the production process.  A pro-active approach to filtration, bio-security, treating pigs, and truckwash management has allowed Reicks View to grow and endure periods with challenging market conditions along the way.  Reicks View raisies its own replacement breeding stock and sells breeding stock through a partnership with PIC.

Reicks Views pork finishing system has been grown through partnerships created with others that have an interest in raising hogs and or have a row crop operation that can benefit from the use of the hog manure to replace commercial fertilizer.  There are a variety of arrangements available to those interested in partnering with Reicks View as a contract grower.  The goal is to create an arrangement that is a win/win scenario.  The advantage for the grower is often a primary or supplemental source of income along with a flexible schedule.  The main advantage for Reicks View is allowing a way for a growing production system to continue to expand where land base and employees may not be readily available.

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